Getting a real Christmas tree for first time

The best time of the year can’t officially start without a Christmas tree and my kids know it. They were especially concerned this year because they still remember that fatal January evening when I got rid of our fake Christmas tree of many years. That sucker took so much space from our downstairs closet. I think I was done with the inconvenience and… with fake trees!

“We will have a real tree next Christmas!” I shouted that evening to all the little humans that belong to my kingdom.  So 10 months later, that is exactly what we did; we went shopping for a Christmas tree, a real tree.  In Ecuador, people use beautiful fake trees to decorate their homes so having a “real” Christmas tree in my living room was definitely a new thing. We were excited to to go to a local Christmas tree farm for first time.

After a five minute search, everyone in the family agreed that the hidden tree in a corner of the lot was “the one.” It was tall and bushy, exactly how we dreamed it.

“Do you know how old is this tree?” I asked the friendly man that was helping us.

“It is definitely a 9-10 year old tree.” he said without seeming concerned.

My heart sank.

My memory immediately took me to all those “Save the Amazon forest” campaigns that I heard for many years at school.  I was trying to get in terms with what I was doing when the man interrupted my thoughts saying:”Don’t worry! We plant two more trees for every tree that we cut!” That and seeing all the families around us having a great time looking for their “one” made me feel better!

My girls were excited to decorate the tree with their flashy dollar store ornaments while  the toddler was taking the same ornaments down. Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! I think we have a new Christmas tradition!

photo (15)


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