5 Reasons why parents need to stop using la chancla as a disciplinary resource

The internet is packed with memes about Latino parents that use la chancleta o chancla to beat their children. Although chancla memes can be very funny, corporal punishment in childhood is a serious problem and needs to be abolished from our culture. Hitting, beating, pinching, striking or slapping a child is abuse and is damaging. Here I share 5 reasons why parents need to stop using la chancla as a “disciplinary” resource.

lachancleta1. It causes confusion

Corporal punishment teaches children that violence is acceptable in the name of affection. Children end up believing that they deserve the corporal punishment and this wrong thinking could cause them later to look for approval and affection in the wrong places and in the wrong ways.

2. It creates a cycle of violence.

Research data shows that those that beat their children were also physical punished when they were young. Sadly, there is a direct correlation between physical punishment in childhood and aggressive behavior in the adult years.

3. It hurts relationships.

La chancla interferes greatly with the special bond between parent and child. It affects trust and open communication.

4. It is ineffective

Some people think that la chancla helped them to behave better, however, this is not exactly right. The decision to behave better is based on fear than self-motivation and it doesn’t last long.  La chancla as a disciplinary resource doesn’t teach the child how to resolve conflict and have self control.

5. Alters brain development

In a 2009 study, researches found out that corporal punishment in childhood alters brain development decreasing the amount of gray matter in some brain regions that have been linked to addiction, depression, and other mental disorders.


Oh, I know that those little rascals can sure drive us crazy, but I have good suggestions that may help you whenever the situation with your child gets challenging.

  1. Breath. Breath and calm down.
  2. If #1 doesn’t work (because sometimes it. just. doesn’t. work,) please withdraw from the situation, make sure your kids are safe and come back when you have control of your emotions.
  3. Also it helps to educate yourself so you can understand why your child is doing what he or she is doing. I have learned that there is always a reason. Maybe your child is tired, needs attention or has a basic need that has been neglected.
  4. Learn other techniques that you can do to discipline your children such as time outs, giving them options, natural consequences, etc.
  5. Remember that they are children and they are still trying to figure out boundaries and learn self control.
  6. Get to know your children and build a  relationship of trust with them.
  7. Parenting is not easy and requires a lot from us, if you feel that it is too much to handle, please don’t hesitate to seek help. It is not wrong to accept that we need help.




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