My seven-year-old doesn’t like el Chavo del Ocho.

If you grew up with a Latino family, it is very likely that you know El Chavo del Ocho, a Mexican television sitcon that reached enormous popularity in Latin America and is considered one of the most aired shows in the television history.

El Chavo centers on the adventures of a poor orphan child and his friends living in a low income housing complex and explores with humor many of the challenges that children face due to poverty. The show is a classic and its characters are very beloved in the Latino culture.


Yesterday, I noticed that El Chavo was on Netflix and thought that it was a great opportunity to share it with my seven-year-old daughter. I wanted to share a part of my childhood with her, however, the show raised more questions and concerns than enjoyment.

“Why is that grown-up hitting the little boy?”

“Why is the woman hitting the man all the time?”

“Why they call mean names to each other?”

Boy, was I impressed with her analysis and thankful for her ability to do it!

I wonder how many of the Latino children that live outside Latin America would “get” this Latino classic. I don’t know but the only think I am sure is that El Chavo del Ocho didn’t get a new fan yesterday. 


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