On the goodies that I wish my kids had got in Halloween.

On Halloween night, my children brought a considerable amount of candy from trick or treat. They sorted their goodies by size and color and planned strategically how and when they will eat them.  Of course, being the great mom that I am, I did what a great mom does: stole a few chocolate bars when they were not looking.

After we went through a million of goodnight kisses, “please, another hug” and “another drink of water” every-single-night bedtime traditions, I hurried to the quiet living room with my stolen merchandise to enjoy it in silence. Despite the anticipation, I concluded that the chocolate bars didn’t taste amazing this year. Maybe because I already ate the same chocolate bars the day before at the preschool festival and last weekend at the Halloween carnival and…..

I think society (aka my neighbors) should either invest in different candy next year or I’d have to be forced to quit my stealing Halloween candy hobby if the merchandise is still the same. Of course, another option, if I really want different candy, is to import my own childhood goodies from Ecuador and share them with my neighbors on Halloween night so they can fill my children’s trick or treat bags with them. Right!

Anyway, this is the list of goodies that I wish my kids had got in their trick and treat bags.


Ecuador is home of one the best chocolate in the world. In fact, studies suggest that Ecuador may have been the original home of the cocoa bean. Cough. Cough. (You can read more about that here). And, of course, my favorite chocolate is not the finest one but the fake one: white chocolate. 🙂

bon-o-bon-blancogalaktangomanicho display

Fruit flavor candy

Tamarindo! Guayaba! Do I need to say more?



Oldies but goodies

GALLETA-MUECAS-TACO-100_thumb  amor


Plantain treats. They can be salty or sweet.


Kinder Surprise eggs...

My children love these suckers but sadly, Kinder surprise eggs are banned in the U.S because they bring a toy inside the egg so they are considered a choking hazard! Well, the good news is that you can still enjoy them in any part of the world. The bad news is that if the U.S Customs and Border Protection catch you smuggling them, you can get in serious trouble!


And a few other local goodies….

Cocadas: heavenly treats made of coconut


Picture Source

Melcocha: artesanal candy made of brown sugar.


Picture Source

Dulces manabas (alfajores, suspiros, rosquitas, huevos mollos, panela and manjar de leche): artesanal treats from Manabi Province.


Picture Source

If only I could have some of those goodies in my living room right now. Sigh.


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