El Principito

Last Fall I heard about a book warehouse in town that every first weekend of the month sells used books for one dollar each! Amazing, right?!  But wait to hear this: for only ten bucks, you can fill a bag with as many as children books that you can make them fit in. This place is called the Dollar Book Exchange.

For this month’s trip, I told my girls that our mission was to get as many as children’s books in Spanish as possible. This is a great deal because children’s books can be expensive.



Since I knew exactly the distance between the foreign language books shelf and the cash register, I planned eight minutes for the whole adventure (and that even included the minute that would take me to bribe my toddler to stay in the stroller). I was very excited! However, I kept having this feeling that the place was going to be packed so I decided to be there a few minutes before the store opens doors. I guess other people had the same feeling because the place was packed when I got there.  The multitude ahead of me just assured me that my eight- minute plan was not going to happen.

What I didn’t expect was to not be able to get a single Spanish book from the shelf. All the books were gone. Poof! I was on my way to head out when I noticed a blue book on the floor by the children boxes calling my name to be picked up. I am glad I did it because that gem was “El Principito”  One of my favorite books when I was a child. Written by a French pilot, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who had exiled to New York during the World War II. Its message is very sweet. I am so glad for whoever left that book on the floor. They say that a man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Although, the adventure didn’t go as I planned it, I felt it was a success after finding one of my childhood favorite books.


Some favorite quotes from “El Principito”

“Me pregunto si las estrellas se iluminan con el fin de que algún día, cada uno pueda encontrar la suya”

“Caminando en línea recta no puede uno llegar muy lejos”

“Pero si tú me domesticas, entonces tendremos necesidad el uno del otro. Para mi, tú serás único en el mundo. Para ti, yo seré único en el mundo…”

“Solo se ve bien con el corazón, lo esencial es invisible a los ojos”


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