Italy for dinner

The kids were playing with chalk in the backyard while I scrolled down my personal Facebook page peacefully. The magic of social media informed me that one friend was eating somewhere in Rome the most mouth-watering pasta that I ever had in Italy. Mamma mia!!


The more I looked at the picture, the more I had this urge to eat something Italian. I was aware that there was not way that I could attempt to make that pasta in two hours and have it ready for dinner. However, I could easily prepare a simple Italian dish and satisfy my random craving.

Since I already had some plum tomatoes, pesto, basil, mozzarella and pasta; this is what I made for la mia famiglia.


Angel hair pasta with Pesto


(I added pesto to brush each slide and the fresh mozarella to go on the top)

Roasted salad

(I am pretty sure this is not an Italian salad but hey, I needed veggies to my meal! This is the easy peasy recipe in case you are interested: Heat vegetables and butter in a frying pan. After all the butter has melted, add lime juice, salt, pepper, avocado and fetta cheese.)

I wished I had gelato. I mentioned to my kids about that Italian delicacy and one of my kids the one that didn’t like the taste of the basil said: “Mom, you should only had fed us gelato for our Italian dinner today!

Smart kid


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