Favorite children books about Ecuador culture in Spanish

I am always in the hunt for children books that features the culture, folklore, and heritage of Ecuador. It is a difficult find since Ecuador is such a diverse country and there is not a large selection for local children books. However, Edna Iturralde, an Ecuadorian author does an outstanding job bringing information of the ethnicity and history of the country in engaging and exciting stories for children.

My favorite books from Edna Iturralde are:

Verde fue mi selva

This popular book is a set of fascinating stories for children that provides an accurate portrayal of the Amazon indigenous groups of Ecuador and their way of life. It is a “Skipping Stones Honor Award Winner” for ethnic and intercultural diversity in the United States.


Un día más y otras historias

What a touching book for little people about the importance to protect endangered animals! The stories create awareness about those animals in South America.


Caminantes del sol

The exciting story of this book develops in the Andes mountains during the Inca empire. It is an excellent resource for children to learn and understand the Inca customs and traditions.


Llevo 3000 años pintando

This book is about the life of Oswaldo Guayasamín (a famous Ecuadorian painter) and how his indigenous roots inspired his artwork.


Cuentos del Yasuní

It has been hard to get this gem in the Unites States but, it is definitely on my “things to buy when I visit Ecuador” list. This book brings up the magic and beautiful area of Yasuní and creates awareness of its importance for the environment.

Portada YASUNI

Y su corazón escapó para convertirse en pájaro

The book is about the history of Ecuadorians of African descent.  The set of stories are tender and at the same time, fascinating and fun.


Other favorite books from other authors that I would like to get

Un país lleno de leyendas


Se busca novia para Solitario George

portada-se-busca-novia-para-solitario-george_med Cuentos de Tíot Tigre, Tío Conejo y Juan Bobo


Do you have any other suggestions?

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