Ode to the seasons and crickets

Today, I am grateful for four seasons. CUATRO!

I come from a place where we only have Winter and Summer and where you can barely feel a difference between them (at least in the Coastal area).  Since Ecuador is on the Equator (I know, duh!), seasons are craaazy. For example: Winter means HOT weather and Summer means… not too HOT weather. Oh the joys of living in the middle of the world!

In the Coastal area, it feels like every day is the same so we don’t really check the weather. Actually, the news station don’t have a weather man because we know that we can’t experience hurricanes, tornado, snow storms and all that fun stuff. (Bless our hearts!)  Besides rainstorms, the only “storm” that we experience is from crickets. They invade the streets of the city during the middle of the Winter (when it is hot, remember?)

Below, a picture of a fellow Ecuadorian.



That cricket picture makes me homesick…

Boy, I miss home!


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