Mi mono loco Salomón

I discovered today that my toddler favorite word in Spanish is: ¡vámonos! (let’s go!) because his face lights up everytime I say it. At other hand,  I have strong reasons to believe that he is confused with the word: ¡ven! (come!) because everytime I say it, he just runs and hides from me!


Oh toddlerhood!

My buddy loves playing with anything that he can see and reach. He keeps us busy! This babe also loves music and giggles everytime he listens to  a song that talks about a crazy monkey that loves to drive his parents crazy. Ahem. I wonder if he identifies himself with el mono loco Salomón and that monkey is the actual inspiration of all his travesuras! (mischievousness)

My toddler is for sure a complete mono loco Salomon song, but he is also the first line of El Aguacate song, “mi amor, mi dicha y mi tesoro, mi sólo encanto e ilusión”


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